I am drawn to the earth — touching, manipulating clay and rock inspires me. I started doing ceramics in 1989 and threw functional work on the wheel, but leaned to altering the clay. In 2005, I shifted my focus to slab-built sculpture and began incorporating rock into many pieces shortly after. The result has been a body of sculptural work that emphasizes texture and movement.

Using otherwise mundane and common artifacts of daily life – bath mats, mesh bags, bubble wrap, rug pads, light diffusers, etc. – my techniques have resulted in work that is earthy, eye-catching, and engaging.  Viewers have described my sculptures as “mutant organisms that seem to have evolved from soil fertilized by industrial waste” that evoke feelings of “being in the New England woods or on a foreign planet all at the same time.”  Ultimately I trust that others sense and share my joy in exploring the limitless possibilities of clay, rock and the joining of both.

I’ve been fortunate to have my work featured in solo, two-person, and juried group shows, with gallery pieces as well as outside sculpture. I also participate in annual group shows at Artspace Maynard, where I’ve had my studio since 2000.  When not pushing the boundaries of clay and rock, I’m a product management professional for a software company in Lowell.